Gozsdu Money

100 Ft

Welcome to the heart of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter, the Gozsdu Courtyard. Bearing the name of a Romanian lawyer, Manó Gozsdu, this passageway consists of 7 buildings. The area earned a reputation among foreigners for its night services. Flea market, restaurants, clubs and bars mobbed with crowds. Got some cash? This is the perfect playground for a lost soul, my friend.

Cikkszám IMP-W00-008 Kategória Címkék , , , ,

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A2 (420mm x 594mm)


High quality Hahnemühle paper

Nyomtatási eljárás

Original limited edition Giclée Print


Printed completely eco-friendly, using recycled materials


Cardboard tube (5mm x 5mm x 55mm)

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